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Ostomy Leakage? Prevent It with These Tips


Most people who have a stoma have leaks from time to time, and there’s no reason to fear. You’ll need to check the adhesion of your ostomy pouch to ensure it doesn’t leak. A reputed home health care in Lakewood, California suggests the following methods for avoiding stoma fluid leakage:

  • Look After the Skin Around Your Stoma

    Take charge of your peristomal skin care. When the pouch system is damaged or irritated, it can be difficult to place it over the area. The key to minimizing skin problems is to examine your skin regularly and act on any unusual symptoms, such as itchy, red, cracked, or damp skin.

  • Check that the Skin Barrier is Properly Fitted.

    A properly fitted skin barrier will keep the drainage from damaging or irritating your skin. The drainage must enter the pouch without leaking through the skin barrier. Allow a provider of home skilled nursing in California to assist you.

  • Create an Ostomy Care Routine

    Empty your pouch regularly, usually when it’s around one-third full. With patience and care, remove your skin barrier. Address leaking immediately with your health care provider.

  • Secure Pouch During Physical Activity

    To keep the ostomy pouch in place, use an ostomy wrap or a support garment. It’s also a good idea to empty your pouch before engaging in vigorous activities. If you are having difficulty doing it, you could seek assistance from your home health aide.

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