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The Importance of Geriatric Care


The aging journey is something to celebrate, not everyone gets to reach the age where you get to live the best of your days. There will be a lot happening to your physical and emotional health as you get older. Our home skilled nursing in California is prepared to help aging individuals face the struggles of aging.

A lot of people think that age-related changes are general, what they fail to remember is that every person could be going through a unique health condition that would hinder them from remaining comfortable in their aging years. Through our services, such as hospice care, seniors with a life-threatening illnesses will be cared for by professional nurses.

Geriatric care specializes in meeting the unique needs and challenges that crop up as we get older. Working with a geriatrics specialist at HYGIEIA Home Health and Hospice, a reliable and recommended home health care in Lakewood, California, means you can feel confident your care will be optimized on your evolving needs, as well as your medical history.

There will be patients who can be hard to care for because of their very specific palliative care needs, but we can give everyone the guarantee that we are well equipped and a reliable agency to provide these types of services.

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