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The Core Benefits of Speech Therapy


Speech therapy is more than just improving one’s speech-related issues; it also helps a person build communication skills needed to improve his or her quality of life. Also, you might no longer need to visit a care facility to talk to a speech therapy specialist as home health providers can bring this program to your homes.

Our home health care and home skilled nursing in California will first assess your speech, language, and feeding challenges. Then, we will create a custom care plan designed around your needs. Overall, speech therapy has helped our clients:

  • Improve Swallowing
    Following a stroke and other health problems, a person may start having swallowing difficulties, a medical problem known as dysphagia. Speech therapy utilizes a blend of techniques to improve oral intake and regain one’s independent feeding.
  • Develop Better Articulation
    Articulation problems are common among individuals with speech impairment. Speech therapy prepares articulatory exercises with the person in mind. Slowly, with proper guidance, the client can produce the desired sound and lessen speech impediment.
  • Reduce Stuttering
    Stuttering can affect one’s self-esteem, especially when in public. As a result, they might avoid talking to people or start to self-isolate. To reduce stuttering, speech therapy programs can modify how a person speaks as well as improve tongue strength.

Above all, speech therapy builds confidence as it enhances a person’s communication and independence. To learn more about speech therapy services and home health care in Lakewood, California, please reach out to us at HYGIEIA Home Health and Hospice.

Our team offers a broad range of therapeutic and in-home medical care, ranging from physical therapy to hospice care. Give us a call for inquiries!

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