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Our goal at Hygieia Home Health is to provide exceptional customer service to all of our patients, families, physicians, and vendors, as well as each other. We want to show our patients how much they are valued and to be consistent in every aspect of the care we give so that we will be the best we can be in our goal of providing excellent patient care.

Hygieia provides all patients the opportunity to give their feedback on the service we provide. We call our program THANKS-To Honor And Note Kindness & Service

See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. Click on the cards to read them. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials.

58 responses to “Patient Testimonials”

  1. “Evelia our health care nurse ALWAYS explained things that was easily understandable. She treated us with courtesy & she listened to whatever questions or concerns we had. She helped and guided us through the proper procedure on cleaning a stoma and changing the ostomy. Evelia has been our guardian angel and we truly appreciate all she has done to help us.”

  2. “Very good home health provider!! So wonderful to have this service! Great people, Dependable and so Helpful!! A+”

  3. “The members of my health care team were more knowledgeable and attentive than I expected them to be.”

  4. “Hygieia has been a great company to work with. Every nurse, Physical Therapist, and Occupational Therapist have been great to us. They are punctual and available when I needed a same day visit.”

  5. “We used Hygieia Home Health last year after my wife’s back surgery. This year, I had surgery and requested Hygieia for myself. Very Satisfied!”

  6. “We had two nurses and one physical therapist. My husbands progress was monitored very efficiently. They worked well around our schedule. Noel the therapist, was really outstanding and found individual ways to help him become more flexible and help his range of motion. Hygieia was really excellent overall.”

  7. “Hygieia Home Health is wonderful. We always request for John to come and take care of my husband. HE IS THE BEST!”

  8. “The nurses and physical therapists answered all my questions and it made me feel comfortable and gave me the desire to get well and get on with my life.”

  9. “I found the people involved were very nice and a pleasure to work with.”

  10. “We have used Hygieia for 20 years from time to time. We have always felt well taken care of.”

  11. “My PT Teresa Groves was outstanding. She taught me how to walk again, after I broke my leg. She definitely deserves to be commended for a job well done. I sincerely appreciate all the help she gave me.”

  12. “My primary contact person was Jacky and she was outstanding,knowledgeable, thorough and extremely competent.”

  13. “This was a very good group. Everyone was clean and professional. Also they were kind in the way that they explained what I needed to work on. Thanks for the help to get stronger and be safe.”

  14. “My home health nurse Evelia was excellent. She was very caring, knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs. I felt very comfortable and confident in her care.”

  15. “I would like to compliment Iris, who took care of my bandage change weekly. Her politeness, professionalism and timely arrival are all part of her dedication to her job and company. I thank you for the good service.”

  16. “I appreciate the way everyone I spoke to at the agency seemed familiar with me and my condition. I especially appreciate the care, competency and diligence of my nurse Alda. This is a well-ran agency and I look for instances when I can recommend them.”

  17. “I was extremely happy with the services. I was getting home health after a badly broken leg, With no weight bearing for 4 weeks after coming home. I have no doubt that their help has helped me with my recovery.”

  18. “I received a left total hip replacement on June 9, 2022, receiving my first home visit on June 12, 2022 with Claire. She was very thorough & knowledgeable. The following 4 sessions were with the amazing Theresa Groves. I improved slowly & steadily under her guidance, knowledge and encouragement. My final session and discharge was with Kristina. She was very personable and professional. She reviewed my 2-week progress, and made some suggestions going forward & positively encouraged my journey in recovery prior to beginning outpatient PT at Movement Works Long Beach. Overall I was very impressed with Hygieia Home Health!”

  19. “Noel and Sandra were the best! Both were very professional and easy to work with. They knew their job and did it well!”

  20. “Truly I do not know how I would of taken care of my husband without Hygieia Home Health. I have expressed this to my family and friends. I felt like I could turn for needs with no question. The staff have always been kind and supportive. My husband has gone on to be with the lord and I am at peace.”

  21. “From Annette to John-They were very professional, caring and polite. I’m just sorry that they are not apart of my life anymore. Great experience. Will request them again if needed.”

  22. “My experience was great. We interacted with one person only for all home health PT sessions. Karen was great at what she does. I got better sooner, after hip replacement due to her common-sense program for me to follow.”

  23. “We have used this agency for 15 years. They have always been professional and caring. I would recommend them to anyone who has a need.”

  24. “John Vista LVN is an excellent caring and compassionate nurse. Always helpful and sensitive to my pain levels if any.”

  25. “Our family would like to take this time to appreciate the staff at Hygieia for helping my dad . Thank you very much for all the the time & effort that it took to get my dad where he needs to be. Thank you again!”

  26. “Alda is my nurse and she is:
    I wouldn’t want anyone else”

  27. “I appreciate the help I get from this agency! I live alone, I’m a 94yr old amputee in a wheel chair. This helps me with wound care I can not reach easily”

  28. “Claire the physical therapist was very observant and picked up on my needs and was able to modify exercises to help me avoid problems. She used the exercises I was doing and added to them. She explained wonderfully and was clear in her guidance. Another company came to my house to do therapy and she took care of everything making things easier for me. My time with Claire was 100% positive.”

  29. “I want to say Hygieia has been a great company to work with. Every Nurse, PT, Occupational Therapist have been great to us. They’re here promptly when I’ve had to call for help.

  30. “My husband and myself are so happy with both Rainier and Michelle. Both of them are amazing in everything. Thank you for choosing them to come and help my husband.”

  31. “Alda, my nurse was very good. She always informed us if she was going to be late. She was friendly and efficient.”

  32. “My PT Theresa Groves was outstanding. She taught me how to walk again, after I broke my leg. She definitely deserves to be commended for a job well done. I sincerely appreciate all the help she gave me.”

  33. “I was very happy with the people from Hygieia. Everyone was caring and thoughtful. I feel that I have improved a lot.”

  34. “I am so satisfied with the help and care I received from this agency, and would highly recommend them to family and friends. A BIG THANK YOU to Hygieia!”

  35. “Nurse Shannon, Therapist Noele and Theresa were all very professional and kind. Always considered my thoughts and feelings and well-being. It was a joy to welcome them into my home.”

    “All three were very knowledgeable, able and professional. You are very lucky to have them as your employee.”

  36. “Michelle Cohen, the occupational nurse that came to my house was very good!. She went above and beyond to help with different things. Also the nurse Jakquis Chheng was very good in explaining and teaching.”

  37. “The occupational therapist gave me good suggestions to make working in the kitchen easier, i.e moving dishes to lower shelves for easier access.
    The physical therapist showed me many new exercises. Though there was not enough time to do them all, she left me with instructions to practice on my own time.”

  38. “The staff that visited me treated me with respect and performed their different roles very well.”

  39. “This has been an exceptionally wonderful experience. I am back in my usual routine and I have definite exercises to increase my strength.”

  40. “I have to commend all that participated in my care and helped me understand why I was needing their services. I commend my physical therapist, Sandra-Thank you. Also, Thank you to my occupational therapist, Michelle. She created great suggestions. I especially want to thank my nurse Claire.”

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