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The Benefits of IV Infusion Therapy


To maintain good health and achieve the needed vitamins and nutrients of the body, IV therapy can be the answer. Aside from acquiring nutrients from food and supplements alone, did you know that only half of the nutrients from your supplements are absorbed in your body? That is why as a reliable home health care in Lakewood, California, we want to educate you about the many benefits of IV infusion therapy you can take advantage of.

Below are a few:

  • IV Therapy can strengthen your immune system.
    With the ongoing pandemic, a strong immune system is essential no matter what. We believe that getting an IV drip can protect and strengthen your immune system as it gives it an extra boost. Did you know that with just one treatment, your body can be nourished with healthy fluids that eliminate toxins? Plus, you can achieve it in the comfort of your home, as it is a part of our home care services.
  • IV Therapy can supercharge your energy levels.
    There can be days when we feel so tired and almost can’t get up to do our daily activities. Whenever you find yourself in this situation, getting an IV drip can make a whole lot of difference. With our home skilled nursing in California, our team of dedicated and compassionate healthcare professionals can help you get energized to function and perform well.

Here at HYGIEIA Home Health and Hospice, you can expect smooth and safe infusion therapy services performed by our home health care professionals. Our infusion therapy services include hydration therapy, analgesics/pain management, cardiac medications, antibiotic therapy, and more.

We also provide hospice care. Reach out to us today!

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