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Practical Ways to Attain Pain Management


Experiencing body pain is rarely good. Pain can result from injuries or may come with health conditions, such as arthritis.

As we provide home skilled nursing in California, we witness how stressful this pain can be. No matter the cause of this pain, it will still stop you from performing many daily activities. What are some ways to control this pain?

  • Pain Medications

    One of the most common ways to address pain is through pain medications. These medications work with your body’s nervous system and essentially hinder your brain from feeling this pain. Pain medications typically work for a certain period, which may prompt people to take them repeatedly.

    Despite their effectiveness, one should control the intake of pain medications. Some pain medications may lead to other health complications, like kidney disease when taken improperly.

  • Applying Heat or Ice

    Ice packs can reduce swelling and pain caused by injuries. One should apply ice packs immediately to maximize their effects. Applying heat packs is ideal if you experience chronic muscle and joint pain.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is an ideal way to help you reduce pain. This treatment consists of exercises and massages to address your mobility and pain problems. This treatment can also improve your stability and balance.

Hospice care services also aim to reduce pain and maximize comfort as you face an illness. These services may be ideal for your loved ones who experience advanced conditions.

Here at HYGIEIA Home Health and Hospice, we will try every option to help you achieve good health with our home health care in Lakewood, California.

We also partnered with the City of Hope to support those needing care after their release from a facility. Call us for your inquiries!

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