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Hygieia Home Health Joins in the Movement to Save Home Health

Artesia, CA, February 1, 2009—Hygieia Home Health’s patients are among the millions of seniors that depend on Medicare. As the country moves towards health care reform, many in congress are proposing drastic cuts in Medicare reimbursements—putting millions of elderly at risk of losing their home health benefits.
“It’s unfortunate that some members of congress, have yet to realize that home health care is one of the most cost effective ways to care for the sick and elderly, and that it actually saves Medicare millions each year. We urge everyone to visit and join in the effort to protect home health,” said David Zalopany, CEO/Administrator.
According to a recent study released by Avalere Health LLC, a leading advisory company focused on healthcare business strategy and public policy, use of home health care services following a hospital stay by patients with at least one chronic disease saved Medicare $1.71 billion in the two-year 2005-2006 period.
The study, sponsored by the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation (AHHQI), also found that an additional $1.77 billion would have been saved in the same period if all Medicare beneficiaries with similar chronic diseases had accessed home health care services. The study also found that Medicare could realize $30 billion in savings for chronic disease patients in the next ten years by expanding access to home health.
There are many reasons why patients chose home health care as their preferred health care option. The health care is delivered at home, which is where most people feel most comfortable and relaxed. Likewise, home health care helps keep families together while allowing the elderly to maintain their independence. Patients also heal faster at home, as opposed to being in and out of hospitals and nursing homes, saving Medicare millions of dollars each year.
“While Hygieia Home Health embraces President Obama’s vision to provide access to quality and affordable health care for everyone, we urge congress to preserve existing Medicare benefits including home health reimbursements. Please visit to learn more and sign the petition.”
For full results of the Avalere Health study on home health, visit the research portfolio at

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