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Fall Prevention Strategies to Improve Safety at Home


Falls are one of the leading causes of harm and hospitalizations for senior citizens. One bad fall can cause lasting injury, reduced mobility, and decreased independence. Here are some fall prevention strategies to help reduce the risk of falls at home and improve the safety conditions of your elderly loved ones aging at home:

  • Make Sure They Wear Proper Footwear
    Because aging bodies may experience mobility constraints, the type of footwear they wear must be comfortable and stable. Uncomfortable shoes, high heels, or slippers may cause slips and falls at home. Alternatively, you could purchase geriatric footwear for them to wear at home.
  • Make Sure They Exercise Regularly
    A sedentary lifestyle can cause weak muscles and brittle bones in seniors, reducing balance & coordination and increasing the risk of slips and falls. Families can encourage their senior loved ones to exercise more through services like physical therapy. We also provide home health care in Lakewood, California, including physical therapy, to help seniors remain strong and active.
  • Address Clutter and Mess
    Age-related problems and chronic illness may hinder seniors from successfully keeping their homes clean, leading to clutter and mess, which can cause falls at home. Address clutter through housekeeping services or selling & giving away belongings your loved ones no longer need.

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