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Regain your mobility and start your journey to recovery

Our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program has been crafted to deliver quality home care services utilizing experienced therapy staff with the extensive orthopedic assessment and pain management skills. The goal of the program is to assist your patients in managing their day-to-day lives after experiencing a musculoskeletal or orthopedic condition requiring surgical or medical rehabilitation.

Our Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program is designed specifically for the orthopedic rehabilitation of the following surgical procedures with similar orthopedic or surgical diagnoses, including but not limited to: 

  • Total hip replacement
  • Hemi/Uni/or partial hip replacement
  • Hip ORIFs (Open Reduction and Internal Fixations after a Fracture)
  • Hip resurfacing procedures
  • Total or partial knee replacement
  • Spinal fusion/laminectomy

Our specialized Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program, in conjunction with a doctor-approved outpatient therapy program, will assist the patient in returning to their prior level of function. The benefit of a patient having our services in the home is that our therapists help patients eliminate previously detrimental compensatory patterns that they developed because of the pain or injury prior to corrective surgery. Without rehab intervention, these impaired movement patterns would eventually lead to more orthopedic issues in the future. 

Download Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program Brochure